Sun & Earth Natural Zinc Earthy Cocoa SPF30+ 50g

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Out of date 10/11/19.  This amazing SPF30+ natural zinc, handmade in Byron Bay, is for all skin types and ages.  It provides an effective UV filter, comes in a convenient 50g tin, stays on for hours and is not only human safe but also reef safe.

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  • Zinc Oxide (non-nano) creates a chemical free, physical UV barrier
  • Local Farm Beeswax beads water off & makes zinc stick for hours in the surf
  • Organic Olive Oil is a natural 50antioxidant and skin moisturiser
  • Organic Coconut Oil has natural SPF, nourishes & restores skin
  • Organic Raw Cacao Powder gives the zinc a warm tan colour
  • Organic Cacao Butter makes you smell like chocolatey goodness

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