Amber Therapy Infant/ Child Necklaces


FREE SHIPPING. Especially designed for teething infants from 12 weeks of age, these light weight therapeutic baltic amber bead necklaces are stunning to look at and have amazing therapeutic benefits.

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Individually knotted between each bead for safety and plastic screw threads (no metal) ensure beads will not scatter if necklace or bracelet breaks under pressure.

Tip – Some mums purchase a set (which includes a baby necklace and a bracelet/anklet) so as their infant ‘grows’ they can join the two together, giving an overall length of around 45 cm, which is approximately the size of the adult necklaces! This way, your little one can enjoy the benefits of baltic amber for many years to come!

WARNING: Even though Baltic amber is natural and non-toxic, Beads are to be worn and not chewed. Please use under strict supervision and remove while your infant is sleeping or unattended. Please keep out of reach of children when not being worn.

Measuring for your infant or child:

It is important to choose the correct size for your infant/child.  Please ensure that you follow the measuring instructions correctly so that you get the correct size necklace for your infant/child.

When measuring your infant/child, please note that the necklace should fit your child comfortably – however it is important that the necklace cannot be pulled up over your infant/child’s chin.  These products are for wearing, not chewing!

  1. Using a flexible tape measure, measure around your infant/child’s neck to obtain the desired necklace length;
  2. While holding the tape at the desired measurement, ensure that the tape cannot slide up over your infant/child’s chin;
  3. If the measuring tape can be pulled over your infant/child’s chin then this measurement is too long, please adjust measurement and attempt to pull the measuring tape over your infant/child’s chin;
  4. Optimal measurement is where the necklace can be worn comfortably (not tight) without being able to be pulled over your infant/child’s chin.

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