Amber Therapy Dog Collars


FREE SHIPPING.  The aromatic and chemical substance from Baltic Amber is absorbed into to the coat of your dog.  Baltic Amber has an electrical resistance and makes an electrostatic charge through friction with the fur of the animal. This static electricity keeps fleas, ticks and mites away from your pet. May also; act as an anti-inflammatory, provide natural pain relief, calm anxious behaviour and settle skin conditions.

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Trees bleed their sap/ resin to protect themselves from infection (as parasites become stuck). Parasites have haller organs behind their front legs which is their sensory organ.  As Baltic Amber is a tree resin, when your pet wears it and friction causes the amber to effervesce, the smell of the resin works its way through the coat of your animal.  Parasites then perceive this smell as a threat, associating the smell with sticky resin in which they can become stuck in.

Please refer to the measurement guide below for a correctly fitting collar for your pet.

  1. Measure with a flexible tape measure, placing a finger comfortable between the neck of your pet and the tape measure;
  2. Write this measurement down;
  3. Choose the collar size that will allow you to shorten and lengthen the collar due to your pets’ individual requirements;
  4. Consider these questions:  Do you have your pet shaved?  Does your pet grow a winter coat?  Does your pet have some growing to do?

You measure your pet at 42cm. We recommend choosing the size 40cm – 45cm, which allows for shortening and lengthening the collar.

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