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Loving Self Image Women’s Empowerment Gathering

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Prepare yourself for the first Women’s Empowerment Gathering, Loving Self Image. This event is set to nourish your mind and soul, with guest speakers Dr Rosie Williams, Chiropractor at Optimal Child Development and Carissa Rodgers, Counsellor and Psychotherapist at Trauma to Triumph, to share their wisdom.  An opportunity for self-care, themed around coming home to ourselves, reducing self-consciousness, becoming deeply embodied in who we are and looking inward rather than outward. The purpose of Loving Self Image is to gather as a group of women, in a safe supportive environment, to be inspired and to find empowerment and self-love on all levels.

The first guest speaker, Carissa Rodgers, is hard working and driven to ensure that women are supported in reaching their full potential. She draws on knowledge gained through a number of counselling and psychotherapy modalities to support and empower women who want to move through emotional pain and difficulties, to resolve stress and trauma so that they can awaken their authenticity, purpose and meaning. More recently, Carissa has been facilitating workshops and Sacred She retreats, where groups of women can journey and support each other in healing and transformation. Her style is holistic in that she takes into account the physical, mental, emotional and spiritual aspects of the women she works with. At the Loving Self Image event, Carissa will lead a sacred circle and work through a range of topics including sense of self, self-talk and gentleness inward, while leading practices to be kind towards ourselves and how this all affects self-image. Working with Carissa in the lead up to Loving Self Image has been delightful.  Her passion for her work shines through in every conversation we’ve had and I am so pleased that our paths have crossed.

Also speaking at the event is Dr Rosie Williams, a Chiropractor who specialises in working with women, children and babies. Her passion is Optimal Child Development, an area in which she shines. In addition, Rosie is a wealth of knowledge, with useful information to share well beyond her chosen field. Rosie brings a different perspective to the topic and at the Loving Self Image event, she will unpack the nervous system, looking at the 8 senses and perception of ourselves, how it is learned, messed with and how we can relearn, reorient ourselves to our inner world and cultivate practices to help us tune into our intuition and physical balance, which empower and ground us. Rosie is equally as passionate about women engaging in self-care and I feel her involvement will make this event fantastic.

In addition, Kristy Chong, the founder of Modibodi is going to prepare a special message for the event, speaking in relation to how Modibodi have designed better products, including their amazing underwear, to empower women and improve experiences for women. Also, the way Modibodi chooses to advertise their brand using a wide range of models to present a more inclusive picture. Presenting a real representation of women, without airbrushing so that when making subconscious or conscious comparisons, women are not generating feelings about their own image based on something that’s not even real. It’s very timely that Comedian, Rosie Waterland has recently become an ambassador for Modibodi and it’s all over social media. As part of the campaign, Modibodi Founder, Kristy Chong explains, “At Modibodi we aim to empower all women to be themselves, and since the beginning we have stood for diversity and the representation of real women, which means we choose to use women in our marketing that represent a diverse range of shapes, sizes, ethnicity, disability, sexuality and age, and we choose not to photoshop any part of the model.” This is the type of Australian businesses that I want to be involved with at Australian Naturals Online. They advocate for the same values around advertising that I so strongly believe in. In addition, Modibodi have passed on a pair of Modibodi underwear for each guest at a reduced rate so they can be included in the ticket price and become part of the event gift bags.

Our guest speakers will make for an amazing morning, but there will also be henna body art by Tasha Reed, local HOTI Kombucha by Helen Tricarico and healthy snacks & refreshments. Each ticket holder will be provided with a sample bag with guest speaker information, special offers, upcoming events and one FREE pair of Modibodi underwear.

Tickets to Loving Self Image sold out very quickly. To those who have secured your place, I am so excited that you have taken this opportunity for some self-care. I hope you leave Loving Self Image feeling supported, empowered and confident, with more love in your heart for yourself.