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Sun & Earth Natural Zinc – tinted all day cream with Natural Sunscreen 30+

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Smooth and silky with a chocolatey aroma, Sun & Earth Natural Zinc is delightful to wear and amazing protection from the harsh Queensland sun. From the very first time I tried it, I loved it! Easy to apply, this physical barrier between your skin and the sun is so pure and safe that I happily use it on my baby and rub it on the skin around my eyes.

This gorgeous Natural Zinc is a tinted all day cream with natural sunscreen 30+, handmade in Byron Bay by Sun & Earth, using certified organic ingredients. Rather than forming a chemical screen, the zinc in this all day cream forms an effective physical barrier of natural sunscreen 30+, a shield between your skin and the elements. Ingredients are not only natural, but highly effective, including Zinc Oxide (non-nano) which creates a chemical free, physical UV barrier, while helping to heal inflamed or damaged skin, Beeswax which beads water off & makes zinc stick for hours in the surf, Organic Olive Oil which acts as a natural antioxidant and skin moisturizer, Organic Coconut Oil which nourishes & restores skin and has natural SPF, Organic Raw Cacao Powder which gives the zinc a warm tan colour and Organic Cacao Butter which makes you smell like chocolatey goodness. All ingredients are locally and ethically sourced.

Not only is Sun & Earth dedicated to using top quality organic ingredients, they are also mindful of minimizing the impact of their business on the environment. The ingredients are so pure that this natural zinc is just as safe for oceans and reefs as it is for your skin. Also, by supporting local businesses, Sun & Earth are able to maintain low fuel miles. The beeswax comes from local bee hives and the olive oil comes from a plantation in the northern rivers. Sun & Earth also reduce their environmental impact by only using solar power to produce this product.

If you love the sun and love your skin, this pure and natural zinc is for you! Made on sunshine, using local, organic ingredients, this all day Natural Zinc nourishes your skin while shielding from the elements. I love everything about this product; the way it feels, the warm tan colour, the chocolatey aroma and most importantly the 100% pure ingredients and the effectiveness.  It will tint, nourish and protect your skin.

Give it a try! I’m sure you will enjoy Sun & Earth Natural Zinc as much as I do.