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Why Use Natural Deodorant?


Personally, I’ve been passionate about using natural deodorant for as long as I can remember. It is something that over time has been etched into my brain. The armpit area is extremely sensitive with breast tissue and lymph nodes and the last thing you want to do is flood this area with harmful chemicals. In addition, you want your body to be able to carry out the functions it is meant to, without being self-conscious due to odour and constant sweating. Surely there is some middle ground. A way to smell great and remain chemical free. Let me tell you, it is absolutely possible!

The list of chemicals that can be found in deodorants is extensive depending on the product and can contain anything from Propylene Glycol to Aluminium, and other chemicals such as parabens, Triclosan and denatured alocohol. At the very least these chemicals can cause skin, eye and lung irritation and allergic reactions but some considered broadly toxic, are neurotoxins that can damage the central nervous system or cause eczema or disrupt hormonal balances.  Specifically, Aluminium is used in deodorants to clog pores and therefore prevent sweating but has possible links with Alzheimer’s disease and cancer.  This is only a short list of some of the chemicals that may be found in deodorants.  As you can see, the list of chemical ingredients and potential effects is well worth the switch to natural deodorant.

There is a wide range of natural, Australian deodorants available that make a perfect substitute.  So many innovative, Australian businesses have taken on the challenge of creating fantastic, natural deodorants that there is something to suit everyone and I am constantly finding new options.  We stock deodorant pastes, crystal mineral salt deodorants, roll-ons and sprays.  Choosing the perfect deodorant really is unique to the individual and I’m more than happy to answer questions and discuss my personal recommendations based on individual needs. There is also plenty of information in the Deodorant section of our website.  

Clearly, the smart choice is to avoid known harmful chemicals and if you are like me, you prefer to avoid chemicals altogether in your personal products. I encourage you to be well informed about what you put on your body.  Research the ingredients in your own deodorants and other body products.  The Chemical Maze App is a fantastic source of reliable information, instantly providing a visual safety rating when you enter a chemical name or number. Another quick reference resource is the Green Homes Bathroom Pocket Guide, providing basic lists of harmful chemicals found in everyday household products.  Contact me via my website, Australian Naturals Online and I will happily post one of these pocket guides to you. Care for yourself and your family by choosing products with natural, nourishing ingredients that get the job done!