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Clean & Fresh Baby Washing with Resparkle Natural Baby & Laundry Soaker

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I have always been careful about what I use to wash our clothes and other laundry, avoiding anything that might leave harmful residue on the material that rests on our skin, day-in, day-out.  Babies are especially sensitive but at the same time, you want to be taking care of any germs. Resparkle Natural Baby & Laundry Soaker is hypoallergenic and perfect for the job!

Chemicals contained in regular laundry detergents such as surfactants are designed to remove oils from clothes and in the same way, they can remove the natural oils produced by skin.  Unfortunately most of these chemicals don’t wash out in the rinse and can be absorbed into the body via the skin, therefore aggravating existing skin issues and possibly causing new skin irritation.  Respiratory problems have also been linked to using chemical washing powders and detergents. Being aware and careful about what we put on our clothes is essential for protecting our health.  In addition, these chemicals are harmful to the environment. 

Recently we welcomed our second son so I’ve had the perfect opportunity to try Resparkle Natural Baby & Laundry Soaker.  I have used it on cloth nappies, baby clothes, spew rags, wraps, blankets, towels and sheets and I have never had to wash anything twice.  There has never been any visible residue and highly soiled garments come out bright and clean again.  This powder is great as a soak or as a normal washing powder.  It provides a powerful clean but is 100% natural and formulated for young, sensitive skin.

Here’s what I love about Resparkle Natural Baby & Laundry Soaker.  Firstly, the 3 times concentrated formula means you only need a small amount for excellent results, which also makes it great value for money.  Since it’s a 2-in-1 Laundry & Soaker, you require fewer products to get the job done.  In addition, the formula neutralises odours and is anti-bacterial.  It cleans your washing machine, while it cleans your baby clothes.  Finally, because it leaves no residue, it is totally safe to use on cloth nappies without compromising their absorbency. 

With ingredients certified by NASAA for Organic Inputs, Resparkle Natural Baby & Laundry Soaker contains safe ingredients such as; soya bean extracts, pure soap powder, sodium carbonate peroxyhdrate (hydrogen peroxide), green tea extracts, grapefruit extracts and citric acid. 

Overall, I’m very happy with this multi-purpose, highly effective product.  I feel confident that my baby washing will be clean and fresh, while looking after my baby’s skin and the environment. 

Resparkle Natural Baby Laundry & Soaker Powder 500g